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iServe Soft offers the services of its Photogrammetry staff for onsite work at client's locations across the world. iSS can meet your requirements with its in-house resources.
Our mapped products derived from aerial photographs meet the National Mapping Standards, ASPRS and other Industry standards as per the Customerís requirement. In addition to the Project Management and Quality Control we offer the following in Photogrammetry domain.
Photogrammetry Services :
We offer wide range of photogrammetry services our extensive technical resources, infrastructure and global delivery capability benefits us to provide qualitative and cost effective services to the customers worldwide.

Our Highly qualified and experienced professionals have developed 'n' Number of GIS applications and implemented the same through out the world for different set of customers.

With iServeSoftís IT Services, you get the benefit of our Dedicated Development Center and the option to outsource specific activities such as development, testing, QA, migration, porting, and end-to-end application development and maintenance.

HR practice reduces the time of Human resource finding through the search facility of the excellent source database, and helps in matching, screening and qualifying the right knowledge and best recruitment into your projects.