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photo lidar
LIDAR Data Processing :
LIDAR is an acronym for LIght Detection And Ranging. With this LiDAR we can
  • Measure distance
  • Measure speed
  • Measure rotation
  • Measure chemical composition and concentration
of a remote target where the target can be a clearly defined object, such as a vehicle, or a diffuse object such as a smoke plume or clouds.

i Serve Soft provides turn-key LIDAR imaging services: aircraft, digital orthophoto and various topographic mapping products, including:
  • Point clouds file (ground, canopy and intensity)
  • Power line mapping and transmission line survey
  • Contour mapping and topo maps
  • Fusion with digital orthophoto or hyperspectral imagery
  • 3D modeling and volumetric calculation
Quality Processing and Check: Once the GPS positions are determined, the scanner position and sensor orientation are used to compute the position of the laser spot on the ground. The appropriate transformations are employed to derive the final data product in the user-specified horizontal and vertical datums. Obstructions and vegetation are removed during the post-processing phase, if required, and the data is closely examined for anomalies.

Generally, the systems are able to record up to five (5) returns per pulse and are available for
  • Orthophoto development,
  • High-resolution contour production,
  • Bare-earth surface evaluations
This demonstrates the ability of LIDAR to distinguish not only the canopy and bare ground but also surfaces in between such as a forest structure and story beneath.
In addition to core airborne hyper spectral sensing capabilities, I Serve Soft brings years of remote sensing expertise, knowledge and specialized exploitation tools to meet requirements using digital airborne imagery and commercially available multispectral satellite imagery, including
  • Landsat
  • QuickBird
With our proven production level skills in automated image processing, algorithm development and physics-based signature extraction, we provide timely and economical solutions for multispectral image analysis:
  • Land Cover / Land Use Classification
  • Change Detection
  • Thematic Feature Extraction
The resulting product may be a standalone solution, or fused with LIDAR or other modalities to deliver a completed mapping or GIS product.
Photogrammetry is the art and science of obtaining reliable measurements by means of photographs, reliable measurements means position, shape and size of the objects.

Our Highly qualified and experienced professionals have developed n Number of GIS applications and implemented the same through out the world for different set of customers.

With iServeSoft’s IT Services, you get the benefit of our Dedicated Development Center and the option to outsource specific activities such as development, testing, QA, migration, porting, and end-to-end application development and maintenance.

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